Dry shampoo and bun doughnuts, a mothers saviour!

I couldn’t be without my bun doughnut and dry shampoo, it turns a greasy, messy mop into a polished, easy (and out the way of tiny fingers) style!
I bought mine for £1.99 when I was going to hospital to have baby bear, I wouldn’t be without it now, and dry shampoo is a dream, because sometimes washing your hair is a right pain in the backside!



2 responses to “Dry shampoo and bun doughnuts, a mothers saviour!

  1. I’ve been wanting to try dry shampoo. So tempting. But I’ve never heard of a bun doughnut! I feel sure I could never do that. I’m terrible with hairstyles.

    • It’s very easy, you just scrape your hair into a ponytail, pull the doughnut over your ponytail, through the hole in the centre of the doughnut, then smooth the hair evenly, over the doughnut and I use a bobble to fix it all in place just by placing it over the hair and doughnut. Some people use pins but I find that to fiddley and us mama’s don’t have time for fiddley!
      Tip: If you back comb the excess hair it helps give the style more volume and keeps everything in place firmly.

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