Give disco pants a chance!

So last year I was just about to buy myself a pair of red disco pants, when I found out I was pregnant, I decided to put that look on hold for 9 months. A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and got myself a pair, I went for black this time (I wasn’t sure my post baby belly could handle red just yet)!
Well I absolutely love them, they are so comfy, the really high waist holds all the lumps and bumps in great and the shiny fabric gives your legs a smooth, sassy look. They are a funky alternative to leggings for any mums/mums to be
finding themselves living in there leggings. I just wish I’d got mine when I was Preggos!
So my advice is give disco pants a go, even if you think they aren’t you or your not quite confident, you may find your pleasantly surprised!

Mum to be, model, Amber Rose, rocking the disco pant, proving curvy looks great in the pants to!


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