Baby Bronties first Halloween!

I know she’s only 5 months so isn’t really bothered by Halloween yet, but I am, so I’ve gone all out and am loving it!
Started last night by making a green, chocolate covered spook cake, then made daddy bear carve a pumpkin with me (I went for jack the pumpkin king he went for mike from monsters inc).
As I manage to turn every day into a fashion show, why would Halloween be any different!bI couldn’t decide which costume to go for, for baby bear, so she ended up with three! First we had to pop to the shop to stock up on sweets for trick or treaters, for this she wore a purple tutu, stripy baby grow, black leggings and a skull bib, not really sure what she was, it was a kinda witchy pirate! For the afternoon and first outfit change, a classic witch, black baby grow, black tights with skull stockings, black tutu and of course a witches hat! Last but not least, a little bat costume with matching bat ears, so spooky cute.





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