Fireworks fashion!

We are taking baby Brontie to her very first fireworks display tonight and I couldn’t be more excited! Not just for the obvious reason of seeing her reaction as she loves bright lights and sound but also because I get to dress her up in a cosy outfit! Now don’t get me wrong, summer dresses are lovely and I do love a polka-dot swimming cosi on her but I just love winter clothes. I love wrapping up and layers, I think it makes an outfit look more finished and any excuse to wear my huge collection of hats and faux fur is a winner. So this is the first time I really get to dress her in all the beautiful winter clothes she has!
Top tip: get your baby some adult, adjustable ear muffs that are meant to sit on the back of an adults head, they fit a baby over the head perfect and are harder for them to pull off! I bought Brontie a lovely pair in a pound shop (I know right) after searching for days in kids shops for a pair that would fit.
I’m really pleased with her gillets, they are great for babies as they aren’t as fiddley as getting a coat on them and you can fit loads of layers underneath (also the waterproof ones help mop up dribble, but that’s not a fashion must).
Very excited for the display tonight, will let you all know how she enjoyed and of course how she looked 😉 x



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