Quality time with my Earth mama.

When Brontie-Rose was born, we decided for now not to get her christened. I still wanted to take an aspect of the tradition and involve some of my close friends in her life, my mother came up with the idea of her having an Earth mama. The role of an Earth mama isn’t as set as a God Mother, it’s more a way of presenting someone close to me with an important role in Bronties life and for her to grow up with support and guidance from other woman close to me but who aren’t blood related, this may help her as she grows to have someone(s) to relate and talk to if she needs support.
Earth mamas get there strength from the land, the flowers, the sky, the sun, the sea and all other Earthly wonders, as Brontie means thunder I felt this couldn’t be more fetching!
This role fell to two very important friends in my life, Drew and Charlie (know as drewbear and charliebear) both are amazing friends and will make Bronties life a happy, loved and fun environment! You can’t give a child a better gift than that! Charliebear has recently given birth to Archiebear so blessed Brontie with a Earth Brother, even more fun times ahead!
Anyway, that’s the soppy stuff out the way, so as the title suggests, tomorrow we are spending quality time with Earth mama Drewbear, shopping and lunch date! Bronties outfit is pretty much sorted, I’m just undecided of which top to go for? Plain black with skull and roses bib or rolling stones? Let me know what you think looks best?
Thanks guys.




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