Shopping, post pregnancy!

So there comes a time in every new mummy’s life when you realise you have to stop wearing your maternity leggings and giant hoodies, even if it is just for a night out! My daughter is now 6 months and that time has most definitely come. Many a morning I’ve found myself staring into my wardrobe at beautiful clothes I used to float around in on a daily basis, wondering if I’ll ever wear them again. Now, I’m sure I will, but I’m not going to wait any longer, I’m going to take myself shopping to buy a new outfit for a night out coming up (which, by the way, is with another new mummy thank god so I have moral support).

There’s a few tips I’ve got to make your shopping trip go smoothly.

Firstly, before you even leave the house, take a look in your own wardrobe, is there anything you really love? if so think to yourself “can I wear this comfortably?” if the answer is “yes” think of a matching piece you can look out for to go with it, this will make life a lot easier and save you money (which you could use to buy a new lippy). If the answer is “no” don’t try and wear it resulting in a miserable night, don’t worry just look out for a replicate item, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same it can be similar, maybe opt for a varying shade or fabric, then you know you’ll feel great.

Whilst still looking through your wardrobe, some organisation skills will come in handy, any jackets that go great with several items bring to the front, any garments that can easily be jazzed up with a pair of heels and statement jewellery are also a saviour. Store these in your brain whilst shopping as pieces to team with new items.

Think of a few shops you love and head straight to them, you won’t get overwhelmed by to much choice this way.

Black and white is a strong statement together, very on trend now and has great longevity! I love wearing black and white. Don’t risk white bottoms on your first night out, instead opt for monochrome dogtooth tops or dresses, a statement white blazer or white trimmed pieces for added sophistication.

Wear or take `hold your tummy in’ pants to try on with your outfit as these can make a major difference to your confidence.

Always take shoes in to try on with your outfit. Heels complete a look and always make me feel better. You can ask the shop assistant to grab you something similar to what you’ll be wearing, or better – buy a new pair!

Take a look at yourself in a large mirror outside of your cubical, not to feel cramped , and don’t be afraid to ask the shop assistant’s opinion, that’s what they are there for, plus speaking from experience as a previous fashion assistant, they’ll enjoy helping you out.

Take a couple of sizes in the fitting room with you. If you try squeezing into the size you were pre-pregnancy you’ll only end up feeling deflated and chances are you wont go back and grab a bigger size, you’ll leave, feeling miserable, stressed out,when that item could have been perfect! No one knows what size you are when your wearing it (nor do they really care) so just work on rocking your look!

Hope this helps you all enjoy a fun-filled shopping trip! I’ll be taking my own advice.

.One last tip, if all else fails, go grab a coffee and a cake to cheer yourself up and remember there’s always internet shopping! hehe 


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