Baby shower gifts-on a budget!

As all Mama’s out there know, once baby arrives you really have to pinch the pennies to pay for all those necessary items.

What I found hardest was when friends and family members shared the wonderful news they too were expecting, i just wanted to go mad spoiling them with gifts, but its just not feasible these days.

I like to think I’m quite creative so decided to make heart felt, unique gifts.

I came up with a count down to due date plaque. I bought all the bits I needed for under a fiver off eBay;

.Wooden plaques (8×11 inch) holes ready drilled.

.Small wooden hearts.

.Blackboard paint.

.Any coloured paint you fancy to decorate.

.Thin paintbrush.


.Small chalk sticks

I had left over cream paint from house decorating so used this for the plaques. I painted the hearts with black board paint and glued to the plaque when dry. Then penciled on the writing before painting on. Painted a little decoration, then added the ribbon with a little left to tie the chalk stick on, and it’s finished.

These make great gifts as they are heart felt and personalised making them special to the individual! Plus they cost a lot less than raiding the high st shops for variations of the same gift.





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