Back to work, Baby!

This is my last week of maternity leave, next monday I’ll be back in the big bad working world!
I will miss my little Brontie-boo so much, it’s a big change. For the past 8 months my job has been caring for her every need and that’s now become my comfort zone.
I am however looking forward to having a bit of structure and routine back in my life. I think most mums would agree you all need a bit of adult conversation and time away can be healthy for both you and baby.
I think for most mums the anxiety they feel about returning to work comes mainly from the dramatic change to your life, as I mentioned earlier, it becomes your comfort zone caring for your child 24/7. Although this care still carries on when you return to work it can be daunting to have other priorities. This led me to feel, for me personally it would of been great if there was a scheme where mums on maternity leave could return to work for very small amounts, say no more than 6 hours a week for example but not lose your smp! I think this would be a great, optional scheme to allow mums to keep there foot in the door, almost a drip feed back to work. Then come the end of the 6/9 or however many months you’ve had off, it wouldn’t feel quite so final or daunting, instead of a complete change it would just be a bigger step, that or the option to take your mat leave in half within the first year, say 4 months when babies first born then 4 months when babies 8 months! Anyway there are probably loads of facts and figures why this wouldn’t work but that’s just my thoughts as a average, working mum.
All mums returning to work will feel a slight worry of how they’ll cope physically with the bad nights, tiredness and keeping up to date with everything else, so I’ve come up with a few pointers that can help aid a smooth return to work;
. Make up a batch of baby meals in advance so you always have one ready.
.stock up on food for your family the week before you return so at least for the initial return its one less thing to worry about.
. Give the house a spring clean, it won’t last long but whilst it does coming home to less clutter will help you relax.
. Pull some outfits for the week together, the last thing you need is to be fussing in the early hours with what to wear.
. Sort out any bills that need changing, once your back working you may not have time and forget.
. Pack babies bag the night before and leave by the door ready to go the next day (this is a great habit to get into whilst on mat leave)
. Write a list of any specific needs for your child care provider so you know it’s all there if you are in a rush, you’ll only worry all day you forget to tell them something.
. Try and get into a similar routine a week or so before returning, it will help you and your baby not have such a shock when that 6am alarm goes off.
. Do a test run to see what the traffics like or if it’s frosty and your car needs de-icing! The last thing you want is to be late on your first day back.
. Give your childcare provider your personal and works number, this will help you relax knowing they can contact you at anytime.

I’m looking forward to the next few months, establishing a little normality back in my life and catching up with all my work colleagues. X


2 responses to “Back to work, Baby!

  1. No anxiety about leaving the beauty baby, she will love getting those hugs off you even more when you get home from work.

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