Holiday heaven.

So, we’ve just got back from an awesome holiday in Sa coma, Majorca. Had the most amazing time. We travelled with my mum, auntie, cousin and her baby daughter, so lots of hands on board. It’s a beautiful place and I would recommend it if you have young children and are looking for something suitable with great entertainment and activities.

A few tips I found useful to ensure a smooth and enjoyable holiday with two young children were; 

Packing strategically. You don’t need as much as you think, it’s makes life a lot easier if you just take the bare minimum. I took an evening outfit for both babies for every night, 3 swimming costumes, then a few pairs of shorts and tees for day trips. Hats, sun cream and shades are obviously essential. If your children are anything like mine and worn keep a hat on, we found little bandana style hats in the local tourist shop which worked perfectly to keep ther head shaded but were light enough for them to forget they were wearing them. For me I just packed a few dresses, 3 bikinis, a kimono, denim hot pants and wore my fedora hat so it didn’t get crushed, packed away. We were fine for choices, so you really don’t need to over pack, simplicity is bliss.

Take reins. If your children are a similar age to mine (3 and 16 months) they want to walk everywhere, the reins really give you more confidence in letting them explore, whilst knackering them out so you can get 5 mins by the pool hehe. 

Relax and embrace. Children are very receptive to there surroundings, they will enjoy eating different foods, taking in different sights, meeting new people and embracing new cultures as long as we as parents demonstrate this. Within reason, enjoy all the activities you have always on holidays and let your children divulge in the beauty of new and wonderful places.



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